People’s Bank and George Steuart Solutions join forces to promote solar energy in Sri Lanka

In a strategic move towards sustainable energy solutions, People’s Bank and George Steuart Solutions Ltd. (GSS) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on a pioneering initiative for solar solutions in Sri Lanka.

This groundbreaking partnership aims to make solar energy more affordable to customers by offering a comprehensive package that combines financial support and incentives. People’s Bank, a leading commercial bank in Sri Lanka, will provide tailored loans for customers who are seeking to invest in solar systems. The financial patronage will enable the adoption of solar energy solutions by making them accessible to a broader segment of the public.

Partnering in this collaboration, GSS, a prominent solar systems provider in Sri Lanka, will play a pivotal role by offering exclusive discounts on their wide range of solar products. This synergy between banking and solar technology demonstrates a commitment to foster sustainable practices and encourage the drive towards renewable energy.

This occasion was graced by People’s Bank Chairman Sujeewa Rajapakse, Chief Executive Officer/General Manager Clive Fonseka, George Steuart Solutions Ltd. Director Manoj Pilimatalawwe, George Steuart & Co. Ltd. Director Sarva Amarasekera, People’s Bank Deputy General Manager (Enterprise Banking) Wickrama Narayana, George Steuart Solutions Ltd. Engineer Shakya Perera, People’s Bank Assistant General Manager (SME, Development and Micro Finance) Chaminda Ihalakorala, and Senior Manager (SME) Chamari Perera.

This collaboration is a vibrant example of how the banking and renewable energy sectors could collaborate to create impactful initiatives. As this initiative gains momentum, it holds the promise to transform the renewable energy landscape and contribute to a brighter and greener future for Sri Lanka.