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George SteuartGeorge Steuart (1808 - 1896)
James SteuartJames Steuart
(1790 - 1870
George Steuart & Company Limited is Sri Lanka's oldest established mercantile institution backed by 183 years of experience. Launched in 1835 as a pioneer merchant banking institute, the company evolved over the years diversifying into a multitude of commercial activities including Exports, Health, Leisure, Engineering & Construction, Finance and Real Estate. Today, the company takes pride in being one of the fastest evolving conglomerates in Sri Lanka 's contemporary mercantile sector.

George Steuart Solutions, is a fully owned subsidiary of the George Steuart & Company Ltd, dedicated to partner the worlds most sought after agencies in the Industrial, Hospitality, Construction & Engineering and Home Lighting sectors. The company is focused on offering the world's most advanced services at the most affordable prices to Sri Lankan customers. The key strength of the company is its professional backing and the capacity to deliver a world class after-sales support, which is vital in the marketing and promotion of exclusive solutions which George Steuart Solutions are associated with.

Partnering some of the world's most renowned companies, George Steuart Solutions has a vision to establish partnerships with agency companies on the fundamentals of mutual wealth creation and development. Constantly vigilant about synergistic partnerships, George Steuart Solutions invites leading international institutions to join hands and explore new frontiers of expansion and delivery.

George Steuart Solutions is led by industry professionals who drive the company on values, integrity and proven corporate ethics. The company aspires to set a benchmark in the Sri Lankan corporate sector.


To be the most preferred and trusted Sri Lankan brand that touches the day-to-day lives of people in Sri Lanka and beyond, through a diverse group of companies.


  • To be the Leader in all the Strategic Business Units (SBU’s)
  • Introduce latest innovations, technology and solutions to add value to the consumer
  • Ensure fair returns to all our stakeholders
  • Lead by example as a “Truly” Sri Lankan entity


    1. We are customer centric

We strive for excellence to ensure our customers are delivered nothing but the best

    1. We are a responsible corporate citizen

We ensure our business operations are sustainable and has no adverse impact on stakeholders – employees, customers, intermediaries, service providers, suppliers, shareholders, community & environment.

    1. We believe in innovation

We set ourselves ahead of competition and provide the best solutions to our customers by being innovative.

    1. Integrity is non-negotiable to us.

We place integrity at the highest level and are ethical and transparent in all our business transactions.

    1. We believe in team work

We work as a team by pulling the weight together and sharing the success together.

    1. We deliver on time, every-time

We display a sense of urgency and are eager to satisfy our customers with timely services.